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View author's info , United States, Apr 06, 2013
i have met a wonderful guy! although were about 500 miles away we have found
qualities in each other that we love so much that we are willing to make it work. we
are both college students who have similar interests, similiar musical taste and
being diagnosed with the same thing. we have been talking for a few weeks and hav
decided we both no longer need our profiles since finding each other. i was starting
to give up on love until coming across him (which was totally by accident) thanks so
much for a great social network for those who have unforunate events happen to them.
well be writing our success story for our website after a few months! thanks again

View author's info , Canoga Park, CA, United States, Apr 05, 2013
I truly found a 100% real loving and caring woman. We share sooooo many similarities it is almost unreal! We are perfect match for each other in ways I never dreamed possible. We laugh, we cry, we live!!! We are both emo, lol!!!

Advice to other members:

Dont EVER give up!

found someone  (Dating)
View author's info , Nashville, TN, United States, Apr 04, 2013
We conversated via phone from the very beginning since my membership ended 2 days after he contacted me. I had not had much luck on the site.

We talked for about 2 weeks and meet 1/2 way between where we both live. The next week a friend and I traveled to his city and stayed the weekend. He the traveled back and stayed the week in my city.

We have talked every day since for the past 7mths and will be married this year in June.

I found the one :)  (Dating)
View author's info , Center, CO, United States, Apr 02, 2013
We emailed for only about a week before we met. We seemed to have a lot in common and he was really sweet. He lives in Denver and I had to go pick up a friend in DIA so I suggested meeting before my friend flew in. Turns out, he had to work that day, which was sat but he said he was willing to get up and meet at 6 just so we could meet. Our first date was magic and I felt butterflies that hadn't been around since I was a teenager. He was just so adorable. He said he knew when he kissed me that he never wanted to kiss anyone else. Ever since then, we hung out almost every weekend, with one of us driving the four hour commute. We haven't spoken of marriage yet but I just was getting through my divorce when we met so I'm willing to wait for a few years before making that leap. All I know is that he completes me and I would never have met him were it not for this site. He feels the same way. He's everything I've ever wanted in a man and I can't believe how lucky I am to have found him . th... Read Full Story>>

I met my match!  (Dating)
View author's info , Oceanside, CA, United States, Apr 02, 2013
It is best when everyone is honest, for meI often need to
sit with the person to see if we feel anything. And if they don'd dont look at it
as rejection if it wont work for him/her how could it work for you? best of luck

Advice to other members:

i like it, its fine, fun.