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Ist Liebe nicht großartig? Wir lieben es, den Erfolg unserer Mitglieder zu feiern! Wenn Sie eine tolle Erfahrung gemacht haben, erzählen Sie es uns doch! Von Ihrem tollen Date, Ihrem Verlobungsantrag oder Ihrem Jubiläum! „Erfolg“ ist für uns, wenn Sie mit unserer Seite in Sachen Ehe, Vertrauen, Freundschaft oder Romantik profitieren.

PositiveSingles.com hat vielen mit STDs lebenden Leuten geholfen, mehr als alle anderen Orte zu finden. Wir sind aufgeregt und auf all unsere erfolgreiche Ehepaare stolz! Wir hoffen, dass Sie auch der/die Erste werden, Ihre Geschichte zu unserer ständig wachsenden Sammlung hinzufügen.

Wenn Sie jemand besonderen bei PositiveSingles.com getroffen haben, würden wir gerne Ihre Geschichte hören. Teilen Sie sie uns jetzt mit!

Wenn nicht,finden Sie Ihren Erfolg jetzt auf PositiveSingles.com!

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Info des Autors anschauen , Staten Island, NY, United States, Jul 24, 2014
We first met on PS six years ago. He was the first person I spoke to on this site. We finally got married this past May, and are expecting our first baby in January. I absolutely married the love of my life!

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Know what you want, don't settle for some cheesy lines, and watch out for those who only want to have a fling. Keep your guard up when necessary but let it down when you meet someone who seems real and true!

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Love Amidst Chaos!  (Verlobt)
Info des Autors anschauen , Arlington, AR, United States, Jun 26, 2014
It started with a poke, and now we are engaged! My soon-to-be husband and I met on this site, have been dating two years and are getting married in just 18 short days. I never would have met him if I hadn't gotten herpes and if I hadn't joined this site (and committed to using it).

Thank you positivesingles! I owe the rest of my life's happiness and opportunity to the networking that this site provided.

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Be selective! Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are less of a person or less deserving of someone special just because you lost the STD lottery. You are the same as you have always been: special, unique, and deserving of love. So make sure that you don't lower your standards! Never lose faith in God (or whatever you believe in) and definitely never lose faith in yourself. Stay 'positive' and you might not have much longer to be 'single.'

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Together for Life  (Andere)
Info des Autors anschauen , Warren, MI, United States, Jun 03, 2014
I have found love with a wonderful man from the site:

It was the beginning of April 2013. He saw me in the chat room and viewed my profile. I noticed that he viewed my profile, so I checked out his. I really enjoyed it but was disappointed that he lived 2000 miles away. With NO intentions, I sent him a “hello, loved your profile, wishing you the best of luck” email. He responded. We shared a couple of emails, and then we moved our conversation to the chat room. The chemistry already seemed to be there so the decision to Skype came quickly. Feelings and emotions began to grow and we both had to know for sure. He flew me up to British Columbia to meet him in person in August. The answer became apparent immediately. It was like two old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a few years. The obvious and undeniable love connection began our path toward each other. He flew to Michigan for Thanksgiving and spent two weeks meeting my family, friends and making great impressions with ... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

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Keep your heart open. Have hope and faith that love is out there for you, especially where and when you least expect it. Listen to your heart and don’t let fear stand in your way. If things aren’t working out with the dates you’re going on… remember then that’s its just not meant to be with them but happening for a reason. One day at a time and don’t give up!!!

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Info des Autors anschauen , Wichita, KS, United States, May 21, 2014
We waited 4 months before meeting. He's in the eastern part or Missouri and I'm in Kansas. We were nervous about meeting, but quickly got over that. We are very much in love and talk about our lives together. Thanks P.S.

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Info des Autors anschauen , Saint Paul, MN, United States, Apr 04, 2014
My name is Kris. I have been on P.S. since the end of 2009.
Since 2009, I have corresponded with many people, went out on several dates and I had a few long-term (approx. 1 year each)relationships with men that I met on P.S. However, it didn't take long for me and Jerry to recognize that we had met our life partner(s).

Jerry and I exchanged a few e-mails and we decided to meet for a drink. On the first date, we were standing at two opposite doors and thought we had been stood up. We both walked to a mutual corner and discovered each other. We were instantly attracted to one another and quickly developed a relationship.
Jerry is a wonderful man and I'm thankful that I met him. He didn't have a photo posted on P.S. but I do pride myself on actually reading peoples' profiles.

Jerry proposed to me last Sunday on a beautiful Spring day.
We returned to the location of our first date. We will likely have an outdoor wedding ceremony in this same area in... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>