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Love is Great  (Dating)
View author's info , Memphis, TN, United States , Jun 01, 2012
I met the love of my and we are suedo compatible spirtually, mentally, emotional and physically. We are planning to to married real real real soon. She is the sweetest ANGEL in the world. She make me feel that i am greatest man in world. We wish all of you best in finding you soul mate and life partner.God Bless You All

Advice to other members:

Keep seeking God and keep the faith and never give. We were with-in days of resigning from the site when we found each other. We are glad that we didn't give up.

I was honest..  (Dating)
View author's info , Fresno, CA, United States , May 31, 2012
I met a man outside of the club. We hit it off. After about a month or so, I decided to lay it all out for him in a letter. It was one page, typed. I told him that I have herpes. I briefly described to him the consequenses of having sexual relations with me and contracting it. I also gave him resources so he could research it himself. I expressed to him that I was completely understanding about what choice he would make. I also expressed to him my personal experience with herpes and how it really hasn't affected my life outside of dating.

Well, he chose me. He said I was worth it. We are madly in love now and plan to marry and live happily ever after. Actually, he is the man of my dreams.. and I'm 31 years old, been around the block, didn't think he was out there.

Moral of the story: be honest in the right way, and at the right time. Be mature about it, present the facts, present your feelings, present the information, and be ready for rejection. You never know,... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Unity, ME, United States , May 30, 2012
Yes, I've met someone from the site and we've made a true conection and we're going to see where it leads. We are both very happy we have found each other and are very thankful for this site.

View author's info , Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States , May 30, 2012
Thank you for bring it me back the hope, i am happier than ever.... I meet an incredible man in this site, we star emailing and texting, then we finaly meet and now we are making plans for pur future.... things happen for a reasoon we may never undertand but sold never stop looking for our happy ending...

View author's info , Atlanta, GA, United States , May 30, 2012
I added him to my favorites, basically putting the ball in his court the last weekend in September of 2012. Him being curious, he sent an email. We exchanged numbers very quickly. We talked and texted, morning, noon, and night that whole week. Our first date was that following weekend in October 2010, dinner and a movie. He introduced me to sushi, he brings a lot out me and I love him for that. He proposed April 2, 2011. The wedding is set for September 22, 2012.


Advice to other members:

My tip for anyone would be: Don't be afraid to lay out what you expect and want of your future partner in the first few conversations. Most of you are on the site for a reason. You have to disgust if that person you are interested in is on ths same level. I have date a couple from the site and their intentions were all wrong. So say want you want and mean what you say. Its your life and your right. If they don't agree at least you did not invest a lot of time wondering.