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View author's info , Minneapolis, MN, United States, Aug 17, 2011
Well, let's start from the begining, I for the most part had given up on finding love, I had convinced myself I was just destined to live a life without a significant other. Sure, I still had the love, caring and suppot of my kids, my family and my friends, but it just isn't the same as having that special someone so I subsided to this reality.

Sad and lonely I began to just drift away from even looking in my email box for possible responces from my positive singles profile, then one day I found myself sitting there alone wishing I had someone to share my life with, I began to cry and cry somemore and I looked towards the ceiling through the sky and right into heaven and said aloud lord I know I haven't always lived my life the way I should have and I've made more mistakes then I can count I probably don't even deserve for you to listen to me but lord I'm not the person I once was I have been humbled I have seen and learned from the errors of my ways please lord my heart is so... Read Full Story>>

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View author's info , Vulcan, AB, Canada, Aug 10, 2011
We chated for 4 weeks..an then we got our blood tested after the first date. To show that we are true we had dinner at the castus club.. good spot for a first meet. We started with day trips, sitting in a car for 2 or 3 hour, tells a lot..you know by then if this is the person for you..an then comes the good part:)

Advice to other members:

Get your blood tested to show u are true to one another :)

View author's info , Brooklyn, NY, United States, Aug 10, 2011
Yes her and I met on PS. We emailed back and forth for about a week before we exchanged numbers n FB info. We met in person about 3 weeks later in da city. Too early for marriage plans but we are still dating and lookin forward to a serious relationship shortly.

Advice to other members:

Pay for a subscription and see what happens. It worked for me.

View author's info , Edmonton, AB, Canada, Aug 08, 2011
My current boyfriend decided to stay with me even though I found out I had herpes. There was a good chance he didn't have it because we have only been together a month and I haven't slept with him but nonetheless he stayed. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, and I hope everyone on here gets to experience something as magical as this in their lifetimes.

View author's info , Vancouver, BC, Canada, Aug 08, 2011
Enjoyed being a gold member, but am now in a relationship. I did meet a few awesome people though, and have kept them as friends. It's really awesome to have a resource like this, makes a world of difference.