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View author's info , Orlando, FL, United States , Jan 20, 2013
From first contact until actual meeting was about a year but there was just a little contact initially and then we picked it up. I would say there was only about a week from "hello again" to "how about meeting for a glass of wine?" We did talk on the phone...I think, prior to meeting but maybe not. At any rate, it was a Friday night, we met at Bonefish Grill for the glass and ended up enjoying each other's company enough to have that stretch out to dinner at the bar. No plans for marriage; it's been only 4 months since we first met in person and for folks my age, that's just getting warmed up. But we are a couple and have a wonderful relationship and share many, many dimensions of compatibility. Unfortunately for you as soon as I established that this one is a keeper, after only a couple weeks I committed to her and myself that I wouldn't go on the site and subject myself to that temptation. And that's the thing really, I'm a one gal guy.So there you have it. I hope it helps someone el... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , United States , Jan 20, 2013
Hi, well me and my boyfriend started talking through the site and emailed about a week then texted each other and prob the second week we met. He came to my town, two hrs from him to see me in a café and went back home the same night. We have a lot in common and appreciates me for all I have. We both love the simple things in life. We plan on moving in together in like 6-8 months. For now on the weekends we drive to see each other. Everything happens for a reason and I'm very grateful to have found him on this site. We have been dating for about two months and I'm happier than I've been in awhile. Thank you!

View author's info , Winnipeg, MB, Canada , Jan 15, 2013
My partner and I made contact on Dec 12/12. I had viewed his profile about a month before in passing and he decided to contact me in December after seeing my profile pop up as having viewed him earlier. We emailed back and forth twice over the course of two days and hit it off very quickly. We immediately began texting and calling and within 4 days of having first made contact I had booked a flight out to visit for 4 days over New Year's. I am from Winnipeg and he lives in Calgary. We met in person on Dec 30/12 and fell in love almost immediately. I'm currently fulfilling licensing requirements within my profession to be able to transfer and practice in Alberta. I'm planning to move in with him by the end of March and we've already been talking very openly about marriage and a future together.

Advice to other members:

I honestly don't know if I can offer any tips about improving your service, as it clearly worked well for me as it is. The feature that another member can see if you have viewed them was clearly a key factor in my success story. I find members are very hesitant with posting pictures or potentially identifying information, which tells me that there is a general sense of feeling insecure within the site or that anonymity isn't guaranteed. I felt insecure about it when my gold membership lapsed on two separate occasions and my pictures were made public to all members without my knowledge. On both occasions I got an influx of unwanted attention and felt very exposed. I think the privacy settings should remain in place even when a membership has lapsed or at least a warning should be posted to the member when it's about to lapse. I eventually grew more and more comfortable on the site, but those first two experiences were really bothersome and I came close to leaving the site both times....

View author's info , Houston, TX, United States , Jan 13, 2013
I think I may have found my lover! We shall see! All smiles!!!! You are good! Your site has the best app ever! Makes it easy to find your true match! :)

View author's info , Fort Wayne, IN, United States , Jan 13, 2013
I met a wonderful man and am starting a lifelong commitment with him. Will be relocating to Florida after loose ends are tied up with my ex partner. I couldn't be happier to have found someone with the same morals and ethics as I have. He's the soul mate I wanted all my life.