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Ist Liebe nicht großartig? Wir lieben es, den Erfolg unserer Mitglieder zu feiern! Wenn Sie eine tolle Erfahrung gemacht haben, erzählen Sie es uns doch! Von Ihrem tollen Date, Ihrem Verlobungsantrag oder Ihrem Jubiläum! „Erfolg“ ist für uns, wenn Sie mit unserer Seite in Sachen Ehe, Vertrauen, Freundschaft oder Romantik profitieren.

PositiveSingles.com hat vielen mit STDs lebenden Leuten geholfen, mehr als alle anderen Orte zu finden. Wir sind aufgeregt und auf all unsere erfolgreiche Ehepaare stolz! Wir hoffen, dass Sie auch der/die Erste werden, Ihre Geschichte zu unserer ständig wachsenden Sammlung hinzufügen.

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Info des Autors anschauen , Nov 07, 2010
The reason I did is because I met a very sweet man at your website and we both decided to remove our profiles because we found each other. Can't thank you enough, it's so refreshing to meet someone and not have to explain about your STD and worry if they'll want you.

Info des Autors anschauen , Houston, TX, United States, Nov 07, 2010
We corresponded for a couple of months before we met. We are just over 250 miles away from eachother. Because of her job we're able to spend week upon week together. No plans of marriage as of yet. But there are thoughts of it. But this is an excellent match. We're very blessed.

Thank you for this site.

We pray for others in our boat.

Info des Autors anschauen , Fargo, ND, United States, Oct 31, 2010
We chatted for a month and a half then he flew to Minnesota to see me. We decided when we met last weekend that we would both delete our profiles. Yes there are plans for marriage. I had been on the website for about 2 years. I wasn't actively searching but had winked at him about 6 months prior but he was in another relationship. It came out of no where and is wonderful. Thank you for helping us find love.

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After a few years of online dating with no luck, I was starting to think finding my perfect match was not going to happen for me. Out of no where, the man with everything I wanted and more came into my life. We wanted the same things out of life, love, and family, so it was the right moment for the both of us to fall in love. Don't give up on the important qualities you are looking for, but also be open-minded to look beyond. Just let it happen. It will happen. I didn't believe he was out there. But he was.

Info des Autors anschauen , Oct 31, 2010
I only found out I was positive for Herpes 2 months ago. Honestly, I thought my love life was pretty much over. I had given up all hope of finding someone to love me since I now had an STD that would never go away. Then one of my good friends told me about this website. When I registered I didn't get very many emails and started to become discouraged. I was considering cancelling the account and giving up then I received an email from a man who I was very interested in. His email was very sweet and we had a lot in common. My only hesitation was that he lives 166 miles away from me and distance was an important thing to me. I went ahead and threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a go. We started emailing right away, then texting and then talking on the phone for hours and hours at a time.

When we finally got to meet it was absolutely incredible. We had already spent so many hours talking on the phone that we knew each other inside and out but when we go t to actuall... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

Info des Autors anschauen , Dartmouth, NS, Canada, Oct 30, 2010
I have been on sites on and off for a few years even before my gift. Sometimes the writing is good, the pictures are good and when we meet you can tell in an instant it won't be a go.

Jean-Guy and I wrote back and forth for a few weeks. I was quite busy at work and new job so the messages were few and far between. I was doing the same with a few other men. Something about his letters struck me, they were real, not just saying dreamy things a guy thinks a woman wants to hear or talking all of himself. I had to leave town and we decided we could meet Nov 20. I wrote the evening before I left telling him I would really like to meet him before I left. I felt comfortable with him and extremely attracted to him. I must have had a similar impact because we talk on the phone, email and text each day to each other. I don't like to count my eggs before they hatch but he seems like such a nice man. Too soon to talk of future plans, we seem to be enjoying the moment, which is better ... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>