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View author's info , Berkshire, NY, United States , Jul 03, 2012
Found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with because of this site. Funny story, we even have a couple of friends in common who told him about me a year ago, but he turned them down because of his circumstances. The world works in mysterious ways. I couldn't be happier and it is all due to this site.

View author's info , Los Angeles, CA, United States , Jul 03, 2012
We corresponded only for about a week before he asked me if I would be willing to meet up on Memorial Day (last month). Normally I would't have agreed to meet so soon but since our conversations had been so easy and he seemed like a great guy so I agreed. Also, I didn't have plans to do anything that day so I figured what the hell? We meet up at Cabo Cantina for margaritas. The initial meet and greet was awkard at first but once we sat down the converstaion flowed and we talked and laughed all night! We ended up walking around Hollywood, going to another bar (pub) and then got a bite to eat. We've been inseperable ever since! We spend every weekend together and he'll drive down on Wednesdays (one of my days off) to spend time with me. It's only been a month but so far things are great and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for us and we are offically in a relationship. I sure feel like a lucky girl!

View author's info , Jul 03, 2012
Found someone. We actually talked on the phone for a week before he came here to stay the weekend now. We are inseparable. He is moving here and in the future we are planning marriage...

View author's info , Asheville, NC, United States , Jun 27, 2012
Found a super great guy who now lives with me :) In response to your email below...We responded for about a month before mtg., mostly b/c he was 4 hours away (200 miles farther than either of us had in our "search" category). Once we started IM-ing, we stayed up till 2 or 3AM every night for several weeks "talking" while we did other stuff around the house. When we finally did talk on the phone, we then stayed up all night on the phone for weeks until we finally met in person. It was wild b/c I was already in love with this person that I'd never met in person (or "for real"), so I was scared to death to meet him "for real" (friends outlined "the worst that could happen" was "you either get a nice tour of the state of NC on your 4 hour drive there and get more information for the next man adventure" or you will love each other and everything will be fine).

He also volunteered to come and get me if I didn't get myself there b/c I was too nervous, so I drove out to the other en... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Unity, ME, United States , Jun 26, 2012
Yes, I've met someone from the site and we've made a true conection and we're going to see where it leads. we are both very happy we have found each other and are very thankful for this site.