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View author's info , Cranston, RI, United States, Apr 21, 2011
Our first meeting she took me to a celtics game as a surprise for my birthday. Followed up with dinner my treat its been 2.5 months now and going strong. No talks of marriage yet...too early but we are good together

View author's info , Pleasanton, CA, United States, Apr 21, 2011
I corresponded with my now boyfriend approximately three weeks, via email and telephone, before meeting in person. [I had only been on the site for one week before he reached out to me via e-mail]

Our first date was on a Sunday, over afternoon drinks. We enjoyed each other's company so much that our date extended into dinner at a very nice restaurant and then a movie. The date lasted 8 hours! We have been together ever since and recently we moved in together. We have discussed getting married (hopefully next year) and starting a family together.

Unfortunate circumstances brought me to your site, but I have come away from it a very happy and fulfilled person.

Thank you so much for the connection - I would never have met him without you!

View author's info , Houston, TX, United States, Apr 21, 2011
Donny and I started emailing last November when I knew I would be coming back to Houston in February.

The week before I was supposed to move back to Houston, I lost a wonderful co-worker that I knew for 15 years and I was devastated. I moved on the 8th of February and the Funeral was on the 11th. We had plans to meet at Pappasitos that was in the middle of our 8 mile radius of where we lived a few days later but I called and said I just don't think the timing is right to start meeting people at this time and I really should get off this sight. So many bad things were happening to me and it was not fair to possible impact a future friend or possible someone more with issues.

I knew from his response and the kindness in his voice of understanding my loss. He just lost his father and he put his life on hold for the last four years to take care of him made me realize he was someone that I consider a gift from god that even if short lived would impact your life in a g... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

Not being honest on the profile is just a waste of time for both male and female.
If you height is 5"7" than state it and not say 6 ft. There is somebody out there
for everyone but a relationship that starts wrong will never end right.

View author's info , Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States, Apr 21, 2011
we corresponded for about a month before meeting in person. We decided that we would just be friends, and met for a quick dinner at an Applebees restaurant. After our first meeting we hung out for awhile and realized that we had great chemistry together. So we decided to take our relationship to the next level.

View author's info , Port Saint Lucie, FL, United States, Apr 20, 2011
I don't mind sharing at all. You guys are great!

Since we live in the same area it didn't take long before we met face-to-face. I would say a little over a week. The first week we exchanged long emails from PS then switched to using our private emails. Towards the end of the week we decided to talk by phone... A few days later after finding out so much about each other and the things we had in common (ie. MBA degree, same age range, likes / dislikes, love traveling the world, love the beach, sports, etc) we decided to meet. So I say about 2 weeks.

We decided to get tickets to a NBA game. We had an excellent time. We understood that not everything is what it seems over the internet but after talking everyday for hours it was worth taking the risk... There was a level of comfort that we both felt with one another so we met at her house. I drove up to see her and picked her up for the game. We took various safety precautions on both ends by telling close friend... Read Full Story>>