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View author's info , Farmington, MI, United States , Jan 10, 2013
I met someone on the site. We chatted for a week or two, then we talked on the phone for a week. We met at a point halfway between our homes (we live about 600 miles apart and in different countries). Wayyyy too soon to think about marriage! But we are planning to see each other again shortly, and as often as possible. I have no tips, except to say that chat really made the difference for me. He isn't a chatter, but he did sign in to the room and I saw him. I will miss that part because I did make friends there.

View author's info , Albuquerque, NM, United States , Jan 10, 2013
I met someone on the site and won't be looking anymore, Thank you. We first contacted each other on PS through email in May 2012. We started talking on the phone and skipping in October 2012 and met in person in November 2012 when he flew here, and again December 2012 when I flew to see him. We are in a relationship and very happy with each other. There are no plans for marriage yet but it is a thought we have had down the line.

View author's info , Kent, WA, United States , Jan 07, 2013
Thank you...we are very happy/excited to have found each other.

We exchanged emails for 3-4 days and then met for dinner at a local restaurant. Instant easy connection. Talked for 3 hours that night. Met for coffee a few times after that and have been texting/emailing a lot. No plans for marriage. Neither of us want to be married again but we are very much committed to what we have found and are building.

One tip I think would be offer to offer a 2 week membership maybe for $20 or something. I really think having a paid membership is what made the difference for me and sometimes people are nervous or unsure. Two weeks doesn't seem so bad or scary to try.

Thanks again!

View author's info , Jan 06, 2013
JohnJr65 winked at me! He later told me that he doesn't know what possessed him to wink at me with me living way down in NC. I told him that perhaps because I was born and raised in Maine, that that may've been why my profile popped up in his search.

JohnJr65 and I spoke over the phone for a month prior to our meeting. Our conversation just flowed, so naturally, like a couple of old friends. It was his suggestion that he make plans to travel down from Maine to meet me....though a few times he got a bit overwhelmed where I wouldn't hear from him for several days. As it turned out, he just needed time to think. Were the tables turned, I think I'd have done the same. JohnJr65 doesn't have any children and I have two boys. It's a lot to put on his plate, especially when he was previously married to a woman with two sons who deeply resented him. Needless to say, that marriage didn't work out because he and his (then) wife weren't unified and her boys divided them bitterly.... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , San Diego, CA, United States , Jan 06, 2013
I found my soul mate who loves me completely for who I am. I am so grateful and happy for him and I thank God everyday. For everyone out there still looking, don't ever stop. When you find the one - YOU JUST KNOW. Good luck to all and have a happy new year!