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View author's info , Oct 25, 2012
We were in contact for about 4 months before meeting. When we finally met, we had already developed a strong connection emotionally, so when we met in person our date was no ordinary first date :) As far as marriage, I hope that is a part of our future :)

View author's info , Oct 22, 2012
We correspond for about 3 weeks before meeting. First email, then after about 3 or 4 of those phone contacts. We hit it off right away, he's really funny and engaging and so am I apparently :) and by the end of the 3 weeks we were both in love based on the talks.

After nights of 3-4 hour phone conversations, he said I've got to come visit you, meet face to face and see what this is. He came out from Denver to L.A. for one day, to see me--flew in that morning, flew out that night--and we had a blast. We were both nervous maybe it wouldn't be as good in person, but it was. Since then I've been to stay with him in Denver and hiking in Boulder, and we went to San Francisco last weekend for a getaway. He's awesome :)

No plans for marriage but we've talked about it. He's starting a two-year class I told him about out here in Santa Monica, and looking into moving out to L.A. so he can focus on his studies and we can be together.

Thanks and Blessings to everyone l... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

Funny because my profile had been up for probably 5 years, with very little interest and I had never met anyone. Had sort of forgotten about it. Then I got a wink from James and the rest is history. It was his first time on any online site, whereas I had put probably 9-10 profiles on different sites over the years, with only minimal results. One thing I did I think may have helped, was to make an Ideal Scene of what I wanted in a relationship, details and qualities I wanted, like: spiritually compatible, funny, masculine, financially stable, etc., and look it over regularly, sort of to energize it. I actually read it to James the other night so show him how I'd called him in :) Out of the 20 or so items I had listed, he met all but about 2 of the criteria--and we're working on those ;)

View author's info , Oct 22, 2012
I was trying to see how to delete/remove myself from this site, although it has been very helpful. I met some one from the site. We are currently engaged and getting married in July 2013.

View author's info , Katy, TX, United States , Oct 22, 2012
I found the women of my dreams. Well it started out with her looking at my profile and she didn’t have a picture. So I looked at her profile to read about her and she turned out not to be so far from me and she said to no more then ask. So I asked for a picture and she turned out to be very pretty. So we messaged a few times and exchanged numbers and talked for a few days. Then we decided to meet over drinks at lunch on Saturday and things went well. We decided to make the day last and had dinner. Then took her home and kissed outside to end the day. We met back up the very next day and have been together ever since and have never felt so close to someone. She’s my best friend and maybe after some time. I wouldn’t mind making her my wife. And she has a daughter around the same age as my son and I think that is what made a big difference of our connection. Our children are a huge part of our lives and it’s nice to be with someone that feels the same. Well I’m sorry for running all this ... Read Full Story>>

I have found love  (Dating)
View author's info , Hyde, England - Greater Manchester, United Kingdom , Oct 22, 2012
I have found love, I am now with the girl am supposed to be with.... I am exactly where am supposed to be... Thanks for making all this possible... Already thinking about our wedding!!!!