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PositiveSingles.com hat vielen mit STDs lebenden Leuten geholfen, mehr als alle anderen Orte zu finden. Wir sind aufgeregt und auf all unsere erfolgreiche Ehepaare stolz! Wir hoffen, dass Sie auch der/die Erste werden, Ihre Geschichte zu unserer ständig wachsenden Sammlung hinzufügen.

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Info des Autors anschauen , Minneapolis, MN, MN, United States, May 11, 2011
I've been through a great deal of heart break due to caring for a man with herpes and him running away because he didn't like my reaction. He didn't tell me for six months and herpes was no reason to cut him out of my life. Then ironically I end up contracting this lovely stuff later . Herpes directly or indirectly has reeked havoc on me emotionally. Fortunately it's not been physically. It's become a rare inconvenience. There's collateral damage created by a guy's perception of his own condition. It poisoned my emotions and my heart but not my body. I trusted him with my feelings. If I wasn't able to work through the hurt, future relationships would have been impossible. He would have slept well knowing he did not physically hurt me, but could he slept knowing that this could potentially damaged me that I could never trust again and never love.

Fortunately good men can be found. My experience is that if you tell them straight away and you haven't met them via this site, th... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

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Don't use your STD as an excuse for anything. Don't victimize yourself so much that you cannot see that you can make another person a victim of your insecurities of the STD or anything else.Remember you still have the responsibility of another soul in your hands regardless if the person has the same affliction.

Don't get so selfish (because you're hurt) that you destroy others. Look into the eyes of the other person and realize that most of us have the hearts of children when it comes to love. We are excited to love and give. To take that away from someone the genuinely cares for you and you them is insane.Don't lower your standards just because you have an affliction. Don't judge others because you fear that others are judging you...and this goes for herpes or anything else.

Successful  (Dating)
Info des Autors anschauen , Porterville, CA, United States, May 10, 2011
It all started with a wink! Just answer all that comes your way...make friends, get to know people. My guy is amazing! I hope it works out! He is everything I am looking for in a Man!!

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Do Not give up!!

Info des Autors anschauen , New York, NY, United States, May 07, 2011
I am now in a wonderful relationship with an awesome guy. It's been two months together and it's going very well. Thank you guys very much hope I don't come back lol.

Happy Ending  (Verlobt)
Info des Autors anschauen , Van Nuys, CA, United States, May 02, 2011
Well, I am happy to say that I am lucky enough to have met someone very special on this site. We've been dating for over a year, we now live together, and we are making plans to get married. There's no rhyme or reason to it, love works in strange ways. What I mean is, I have been on this site and others like it for about ten years hoping to meet the right girl. In that time I made a lot of great friends, but it took a long time to make the right connection. My girlfriend and I are very different in a lot of ways, we probably don't match a lot of each others "preferences" (meaning if I did a specific search on a dating web site I doubt my criteria would pop her profile up!) But, somehow we found each other, we're madly in love, and most importantly, we're good for each other. So, thank you!

Info des Autors anschauen , West Palm Beach, FL, United States, Apr 23, 2011
I have been on PS off and on for about 4 years. I met many people, but none were "The One". I decided to take another chance. I prayed hard and sent out positive energy to the Universe. I winked and it was returned. We were opposites, but yet so much alike. We vibed so well, we just "clicked". I had found "The One". My Yang to my Ying. I thought I would never find anyone to share my love with, to be loved by. I thought I was destined to be alone. Thank you PS for making it all possible. God bless you and your wonderful site.

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Don't give up. If you truly want love. Be open minded and give a little. No one is perfect. God blesses you with what you need, not what you want. Good luck to all whom are seeking "The One". May you find your Ying or Yang.