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Info des Autors anschauen , Bronx, NY, United States, Nov 21, 2010
Mitchell had pursued me on positive singles for little over a year. I talked to him several times, but for some reason I felt he was trying very hard to impress me, and I don't find that attractive. We both had the same STD and were the same age so we spoke as friends for a while and finally his true personality came forward. We spoke via texting, emails, and a few times over the phone. He asked me out on a date for May 22nd of 2010. When I first saw him felt a bit insecure because he looked so much more attractive than his pictures but we met I felt my heart flutter and knew I didn't have to look any further. I picked him up at 11am for lunch on Northern Blvd in Queens and drove him to my favorite diner on queens blvd called Petes Grill, the entire time he couldn't make eye contact and had rosy cheeks from all his blushing which I thought was adorable. Because of a prior engagement I could not stay very long but from that day on we have been inseparable and very much in love and we ... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

Info des Autors anschauen , Silver Spring, MD, United States, Nov 19, 2010
I found a match!
Actually, I first logged on in 2009 October. I didn't meet anyone of value -- but I did email one person on and off. I hid my profile for a year and recently came back on in October 2010. That same person reconnected with me. We had a date over this past weekend and decided to start a new life together. Yes, we are in it for marriage.

Info des Autors anschauen , Norfolk, VA, United States, Nov 19, 2010
We communicated via a "wink" Jan 08. First date in Feb. Friends for another year. Dated exclusively for a year and a half. We were married Oct. 8, 2010. I'm very very happy. I Love him so much.

Info des Autors anschauen , Nov 19, 2010
I met someone: ) I no longer need to look. I found someone that makes me happy.

We had talked threw the email provided for a couple weeks.

We met at a restaurant between the 2 of our houses and had good conversation and everything seemed to go really good. We talked back and forth for a a couple more weeks and then stopped talking completely........We both just needed time to really know what we wanted and then I winked at him :)He gave me a call and then had our second date 3 weeks after we stopped talking. Now we talk everyday and see each other at least a few times a week. It has been 3 months. He's meeting my family next weekend(for thanksgiving) I'm sure they will like him : )

No marriage plans, but we really enjoy our time together......maybe someday

Info des Autors anschauen , Miami, FL, United States, Nov 18, 2010
I went to 4 dates with other guys. He contacted me on April 23rd, we exchanged 2 emails and in the last one he asked my phone number. He called me but I was very sick that week, I had bronchitis so I couldn't talk. I texted him telling him that I was sick and that I would contact him once I felt better. He checked up on me via text every day, so we exchanged a few texts for a week. I finally called him, we talked and we agreed to meet (March 6). He drove from Naples (I'm from Miami-2 hrs drive). His uncle lives here, so it made it easier for him. We met at a Sushi place. I had a GREAT impression from our first date...I knew I had a great person in front of me, I had a good vibe. I got a feeling that I didn't have with the other guys I met. We went out again the following day....and the rest is history. After 6 months we still together and SUPER happy. We still can't believe how things are working out for us. I never thought I was going to find my love through a dating site. We drive ... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>