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View author's info , Oklahoma City, OK, United States, Jan 28, 2013
He messaged me a few days before, since he was from another state and was coming to mine to see his family for Christmas. We did not converse over e-mail or text like I had with my previous dates. Which made me fairly apprehensive and I figured I would go on 1 date with him and that would be it.

Dec 22, Tapwerks Ale House (downtown Oklahoma City, OK) we had dinner and then he took me dancing to a place that places 60's & 70's music.

Yes & No, he has been married/divorced before. We have discussed it. I will be moving with him to his next post, as he is military and deploys in the fall, I won't move under Spring 2014.

Advice to other members:

Don't be negative and give everything a try. I went into our first date with the complete assumption I wouldn't like him and I would never see him again. Long distance is hard, but it can be fruitful and completely worth it.

View author's info , United States, Jan 26, 2013
I found somebody from the site...I really liked the site, the majority of clients are profesional and look for the same things I did...somebody compatible and somebody that wants a stable relationship...I am wishing for the best for the two of us...! Thank you Positive Singles!!

Soulmates  (Married)
View author's info , Griffin, Ga., United States, Jan 24, 2013
The first thing I want to say is that I am so very thankful for PositiveSingles..
When I first discovered that I had this "illness", I thought I would be alone forever, a woman dying lonely and sad.
I decided to surf the net, and see if I could find a dating site that was strictly for people that were in my shoes. I found more than a few, but all the other sites seemed to be geared towards other types of issues. I had absolutely 0% luck even in finding ONE potential date on ANY of those other sites. Not one date!
Anyhow, I was a member on PS for about a year, before I met my husband. There were times when I did get bummed out, feeling I would never find my knight. I did go on some potential dates, (and I must say, all of them were with good, decent people; I did not feel uncomfortable at all, and though they were not the one for me, I am sure their other half is somewhere out there in the beautiful PS sea :) ) I felt that my soulmate was still out there searching for me. ... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Your soulmate is out there looking for you! If you put that wall up, he or she may never get the chance to find you..
Post many pictures~ from up close, from afar, every angle possible. That way, you do not have any awkward experiences if one expects the other to look a certain way and it turns out not to be that way! I have been there, it is not pleasant! Always be truthful!!

View author's info , Whitefish Falls, ON, Canada, Jan 23, 2013
We conversed for nearly 3 months before actually meeting. I had been a little reluctant to meet initially due to the distance between us (nearly 5 hrs). But when we finally did meet the chemistry was immediate. I have been waiting for her all my life :)

View author's info , Durham, NC, United States, Jan 22, 2013
I met someone on Positive Singles who I am crazy about. He's a gentleman and a gentle man; someone with whom I can see myself creating a life's path. We are very happy.

Thanks so much!