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Everything happens for a reason.  (Dating)
View author's info , Huntington Station, NY, United States, Sep 20, 2010
I joined this site this past december when I came across it when I googled " dating with Hsv". I checked out the site and realized there was a whole world of people with it and made me realize I wasn't alone.

I didn't really have any intentions when I first joined it. I didn't know what I would get out of the site. I wrote a forum December 13th in it I wrote " I do believe everything happens for a reason and i'm hoping maybe I got this and will find someone else with it? the person I was supposed to possibly be with in the end." December 20th john wrote to me. He lived in virginia beach at the time but was originally born and raised in New york. He moved 5 years prior being in the navy. He was writing to me saying how he was driving up that day to new york to see his family for christmas and would love to meet. We texted his whole drive up and talked on the phone the first night but I was still scared to meet up with him. I had never done this online dating thing and would joke with him saying how he might be a 50 year old axe murderer for all I know. He left a week later to go home, i didn't see him that trip. Even after he went back to virginia he would write to me here and there always trying to talk. I never really understood I would think to myself " why wont this guy give up" lol. The end of april he came back down and asked to meet up with me. He was seeing family in the city and I was going to be in the city with friends so I wasn't as nervous to meet him. When I first saw him I couldn't stop smiling. We had a great first night together, we couldn't stop holding each other. That night is when I think my life really started. He came up again the end of may and june to the end of august I pretty much lived with him in Virginia, We couldn't be without each other. He is out of the navy now and moved back to new york last month and is living with his parents to catch up but we plan to move in together. It's like we pretty much already do were together 5 days a week.

He is the love of life, my one true love. We have everything in common. We like the same shows, playing games,music, our personalities are the same and so much more. He is my boyfriend and my best friend. I know that he is the man that I am going to marry and will be the father to my children. We talk about all of that and every day that goes by I know brings us closer together. If it wasn't for positive singles I never would have met him. I believe that I got what i did just so that I could meet john. Out of all the thousands of people on this site for me to meet only him and have everything in common with and even have him grow up where my father grew up I think means something. He is my soul mate and I thank this site for that because I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Advice to other members:

Take chances and don't be scared because if you don't take chances you might never find that person, I know i wouldn't have.It might take time but I really do believe there is that one person out there for everyone.

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