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All these shared experiences about living with STDs were contributed by real people. We hope to help you gain the confidence to manage STD in your daily life.

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. Inspire and help others by sharing your story! You can do it anonymously.
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I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago an of course I thought my life was OVER, id be a lepor, no friends, no social life and the feeling of BEING UNWANTED socially...     For detail, click here.
This was my second time on PositiveSingles. I tried it once four years ago for seven months and didn't have any success because sometimes the winks aren't eno...     For detail, click here.
I've had herpes for 4 years now. It's taken me 4 years to come to terms with it and be able to speak about it. After two months of dating, who I thought was the...     For detail, click here.
Always move forward. I didnt date for a few years after i found out. Then i went through several disappointments trying to date those without an STD. i thought ...     For detail, click here.
I spend a lot of time to myself. I'm afraid to touch or be around people. So to add some life to this humdrum punishment, for what I still have no clue how or w...     For detail, click here.
hi, i have been hiv since 2004 and after losing my wife i thought that was it but i found this site and i did find a lovely woman who i have spent the last year...     For detail, click here.
Life changes your world collapses you feel singled out in a crowd, why because you are now socially unacceptable. This is where I was for many years and this is...     For detail, click here.
I want to start off by thanking every single one of you in this online community for being so open, kind, caring, understanding, and so willing to help others i...     For detail, click here.
Hey there to all of you who are dealing with the BIG H!!!! My experience with having this has caused a big crack in my heart! Normal people don't understand tha...     For detail, click here.
I've met some very nice people from all walks of life, we are not alone in this. I've learned to live with this and share my story; some non H people have issue...     For detail, click here.