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Hier können Sie Ihre Behandlung STD Geschichten und lesen Geschichten anderer Menschen. Alle diese gemeinsamen Geschichten wurden von echten Menschen beigetragen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie ihre Geschichten hilfreich und informativ finden.

Teilen Sie Ihre Geschichte jetzt anderen zu helfen - es kann auch namenlos sein!
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Critical fumble
I was in love with a nice lady once. We dated for many months, lots of good sex and eventually she told me that she loved me but she had the herpa derp. I gaspe...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
my story
I was diagnosed at 14 years old. I was seeing a guy who told me he was 18. Later found out he was 26 (what a pig!). I was always very careful about safe sex and...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
My story..
I have been diagnosed now for over 11 years. At 22 years old, I started dating a man that I thought was going to be the love of my life. A few months into our r...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
4 long long years
my 17 (not sexually active) year old started have HSV-1 outbreaks on her face. They came with extreme pain and in the early years came and went. Recurrences eve...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
You Never Know Who To Trust
I have had Herpes II for 36 years. My ex wife infected me and of course it was my fault as most everything was. We were active a year before we were married. S...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier