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valacyclovir to the rescue
I have hsv-2. During the first year outbreaks were so annoying occurring around twice a month. My doctor had originally put me on that weak stuff acyclovir. Thi...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
Trusted Once
What started as an office romance ended in two broken hearts. I was diagnosed with herpes two weeks after having my daughter. The usual for these stories a chea...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
I am currently living with HSV 1 & 2. I used to have HPV but it is now gone..I know what you're thinking...HPV is a virus and will never go away, which is what...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
I was finally feeling ready to date again after spending some time to gather my thoughts from a previous relationship when I met an awesome women. We enjoyed th...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
Cure coming anytime soon?
I've had this for 30 years and was always told that there would be no cure in my lifetime. But.....there's this guy at Duke University - Dr. Bryan Cullen. I o...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier