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The worst 19th birthday ever
I've only had sex twice before I met this amazing lesbian at my job. I am selective of who I sleep with. My virginity was lost at the age of 17 by a guy I've be...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
Why isn't there a cure?
I believe I got HSV-1 just from kissing about four years ago. Because the first spots were under the tongue. Then awfully trying to apply acyclovir cream using ...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
Vitamin C
I've had herpes for 28 years. My partner informed after having had sex a number of times that her ex had given her a rash that the Doc couldn't identify. I also...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
The struggle
I found out that I have multiple strands of the Hpv virus about 4 yes ago I was currently in what I thought was a monogamous relationship. We end up breaking an...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier
I Had just moved to a small town was going to school. It was my first time ever really being on my own. And from there I met a bunch of new friends and found so...     Um Detail anzuschauen, klicken Sie hier