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Learning to Live Again
I was diagnosed with Herpes via a culture test a little over two months ago. I had experienced what I thought was regular after sex soreness, but after a few da...     For detail, click here.
grateful. story
see my life has been a rollcoaster ride doing drug living with no cares or concerns .2009 was told i had hep c.2010 told i had hiv the is were the gratefulness ...     For detail, click here.
I was diagnosed 2 months ago with herpes via culture test. I experienced what I thought was a normal after sex soreness, but after a week of not being able to ...     For detail, click here.
Seems to work
Comes and goes with no specific triggers and I tried everything including meds. Green tea on a regular basis has seemed to help substantially. Vitamin C, green ...     For detail, click here.
Easily managed
During a bad breakout, I went to the doctor and they did a swab. It came back positive for HSV-2. I asked him if I could have had the virus for years, and i...     For detail, click here.