Herpes Dating


Q: Hello, I have herpes-2 for a year now. After I found out my diagnosis, my outbreaks became worse and spread to other areas on my body. I'm pretty sure it was herpes, because it would start with the itching, then blister with yellow or clear fluid, scab, and then heal. First on arms and legs and chest, but never all at once. It seemed to spread as other sores where healing. Now it happens on my back and shoulders, my question is will this continue? Can I expect these o.b.s in other places for the rest of my life? I've had tests done for everything else, including HIV and they all came back negative. The sores on my arms and legs don't happen anymore, but I'm experiencing small single sores on back and shoulders. Also when I get a genital o.b. its usually just one sore with swelling. Apparently my o.b.s are not "typical." I took the "western blot" blood test and it came back positive for type-2. So I know that's what I have. I'm just very discouraged about this, because I can't seem to get any answers on the subject. Thank you for your time.

A: Herpes outbreaks could happen on various parts of the body. However, it is not common for a person to experience herpes outbreaks on parts of the body that aren't orally or genitally. The herpes antibodies may not be active when the herpes blood test i...   For detail, click here.