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Q: I'm looking to join a group for people like me. I moved to Madison, Al back in 2005. But have yet to make friends to hang out with. I have friends at work, but don't hang out together outside of work. And should I meet someone that could be a good friend to me. I would like it if they were HIV like me. It would make it a lot easier for me or us to talk about everything that's going on between us. I had a best friend back home and I miss that. Even thou she wasn't positive she listened to me completely. Is it possible to get help with finding a group for me. Madison is right next to the Huntsville area.

A: If I am correct your looking for an HIV support group around the Madison, Huntsville area. If you e-mail me your zip code and the city your from (just so I remember) I can call the Center of Disease Control or other organizations and find you a free local supp...   For detail, click here.