Herpes Dating


Q: I was diagnosed with HSV-2 in June 2009. I subsequently learned my ex partner had it and cruelly did not inform me because she had been married to her ex for 20-years and he had never caught it? My question is the following: Supposedly you will have an initial episode and then may experience periodic episodes, possibly related to/caused by stressful situations. Why is it that some people have horrible outbreaks, while people like me have never had one. I have never been under more stress in my life than the past six months (diagnosed in June 2009). Are there different "strains" of HSV-2? Is there any correlation to a persons genetics, Irish, German, African American, etc?

A: If a couple is married for 20 years both partner's carry the HSV-2 antibodies. Most people who carry the herpes antibodies don't have a genital herpes outbreak. The human body helps fight the herpes virus off. A person who carries the herpes antibodies but nev...   For detail, click here.