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It doesn't end as you would hope

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Info des Autors anschauen , Concord, NC, United States, Nov 12, 2011
Mark (FIDELTYPOWER) and I met on this site. We met in early May and almost kissed on our first date! We were immediately enamored with each other. He had 3 children and I 1 and we were very careful to portray ourselves to the children as friends until we were sure. The middle of July we announced to our children that we were in love and were planning a life together. Two weeks after that he was killed in a horrible accident. I am still struggling so very much with this but I will NEVER regret meeting him and falling in love with him. So many have asked, "How long did you date?" Well it was long enough to fall in love and decide we wanted to have a life together. I am grateful for every moment I had with him.

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Mark felt so hopeless he would ever find anyone before he found this site. I had a different outlook on that and was delighted to share my experience with him. LIfe is never hopeless. I am leaving this site now because I need to be alone for a time. Never let a disease or illness define who you are. Cherish every moment in your life. At any moment things can be taken from you so enjoy your now.