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Well, let's start from the begining, I for the most part had given up on finding love, I had convinced myself I was just destined to live a life without a significant other. Sure, I still had the love, caring and suppot of my kids, my family and my friends, but it just isn't the same as having that special someone so I subsided to this reality.

Sad and lonely I began to just drift away from even looking in my email box for possible responces from my positive singles profile, then one day I found myself sitting there alone wishing I had someone to share my life with, I began to cry and cry somemore and I looked towards the ceiling through the sky and right into heaven and said aloud lord I know I haven't always lived my life the way I should have and I've made more mistakes then I can count I probably don't even deserve for you to listen to me but lord I'm not the person I once was I have been humbled I have seen and learned from the errors of my ways please lord my heart is so lonley all I think about is how much easier it would be just to die please I need someone I can share my life with my thoughts, my day, my heart, my everything, in the midst of speaking to god my email sound from my phone went off I ignored it as I was busy talking to god.

Then the strange thing happened a alarm that wasn't even set on my phone went off it was quite loud and dirupting so I decided to reach for my phone and shut off the alarm before I continued to speak to god so I opened my phone the alarm stopped on its own and my email had opened without me logging in and there sat an open email from someone at PS, I blew it off not thinking much about it except my phone had lost its marbles lol the continued to ask god to please send my someone and everytime I did my you've received a email sound would go off I finished my talk with god and powered my phone off and back on and went about my day.

Later that day I was talking to a good friend of mine sorta venting how lonely I felt and how I had talked to god and how good it felt because it had been so long since I had then I brought up how in the midst of talking to god my phone lost its mind, he said to me you know god answers some prayers in ways we don't always reconize maybe he was giving you a sign and you didn't even see it , its funny how that message just happened to be from ps when you just so happen to be asking god for a chance for love, I just sorta chuckled and dismissed it at coincidense.

Later when I got home and was alone I reflected on my friends words and thought maybe he was right so with hope,hesitation and doubt I opened the email and went and cheched out his profile, my first thoughts is he is such a match then I thought this is too good to be true so I exited out then about 15 minutes later I needed to make a call so I opened my phone and wham there was his profile staring me in the face so once again I looked towards the heavens and said please lord let this be your sign.

I can't take anymore lonleyness or heartbreak and again my email sound goes off and low and behold another email from him my eyes teared up and I suddenly felt this joy in my heart it felt as if god reached through my chest and placed it there it was a joy I hadn't felt in sooo long it was exciting but yet overwhelming so I decided to write him back I said to myself this is it I don't know how I know I just do, so I wrote him back and after a week we decided texting might be easier then emails so we exchanged numbers a few weeks later it was numbers, we spent so much time on the phone and we had so so much in common it was unbelievable but we couldn't get enough of eachother soon soon our night talks became before work talk, lunch break talks, as soon as work was over talks and before bed talks with texting in between so after about a month and a half of this we decide.

We wanted to meet but my funds were limited and he was over 2000 miles away, he offered to by me a airline ticket numerous times but I declined because of my pride finally he broke me down and I agreed but only if he would let me make weekly payments to him for the ticket he agreed but later told me after the ticket was purchased that he would return any payment I tried to make I gave up trying to repay him lol so off to california I went from minnesota, we decided on 2 weeks just to really start to get to know one another I was nervous but excited I had such a wonderful time and felt so comfortable and together we felt like this was so perfect that we cancelled my trip home and I stayed a third week I cried when it was time to leave a few weeks.

After I got home to Minnesota we decided we really need to see where this is going to lead and a long distance relationship is not what we want so we decided to really make a go of this we needed to be together, so I packed up my stuff and moved to California my kids, family and friends cheering me on they all see the happiness in my heart and the joy he gives me so they are encouraging me to go and so here we are falling passionatly in love looking forward to the future and enjoying eachother.

We've even discussed possible marriage plans in about a year and don't be surprised if all the creators of PS get invited we've discussed that too because if it wasn't for god and you wonderful people from PS we never would of found each other so the biggest most heartfelt. Thank you from us both...we will keep you updated.