Using this site definitely lifted a weight off my shoulders, so thank you!

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PS Customer Service,

Thank you for the e-mail! I believe we talked for over a month before we met. He lives in Michigan but has family here in Cleveland so I got to meet him around Thanksgiving. From the beginning, I was afraid of the distance but he was such a sweetheart and I was immediately attracted to his personality. He is 4 years older than I am, with an established self-owned business, and is not afraid to settle down....everything I wanted in a man. It all has been happening so fast, but I really feel good about him. Putting our diseases right out there in the open has made dating fun again for me....without the worry of having to diclose my condition to a guy I like before we have sex and the fear of them running away screaming lol. Using this site definitely lifted a weight off my shoulders, so thank you! I can see myself being with him for the rest of my life (and possibly even moving to Michigan for him!) and I have never felt that connection before without second guessing myself.

One thing about your site...I've been on other free dating sites and I have really liked the ones that offer lots of personality tests and then they match profiles according to everyone's answers. So maybe try to incorporate some of those tests, because many of the people that contacted me had absolutely nothing in common with me and wasted my time. Just a thought, take with it what you will :-)

Thanks again and happy holidays!
~Michelle from Ohio